Seeking a pattern recognition
Your IP address is listed above

EFCSFV Church ATT381 wifi code 6119877981

ATT381 is in Storage Room thus may not have strong signal if you are in social hall or south side of education building

Belkin password is 8e348694 in Joe's office

you can get on OpenWrt* routers 2321822942071448A123456789 if you are in the library or adjacent rooms

2321822942 in Pastor Hsu's Office (avoid this router unless necessary)

All other routers use wifi code 2321822942071448A123456789

Including all OpenWrt* routers (two of them in the copy machine room)

Always choose the closer router which gives you stronger signal

e.g. Social Hall try efc_social_hall, Upstairs try 22942lull, copy machine room try OpenWrt*, OpenWrt7702 or OpenWrtTPLink7702 routers